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R. Bruce Stewart, N9GKE   -   ARES Emergency Coordinator, Tippecanoe County, IN

Upcoming ARES Nets

Weekly ARES Net
Monday, APR 21
20:00 EDT
WI9RES 147.135 Repeater

Weekly ARES Net
Monday, APR 28
20:00 EDT
WI9RES 147.135 Repeater
Warning Siren Test Net
Saturday, MAY 3
10:45 EDT

WI9RES 147.135 Repeater


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Curious about ARES Meetings?

ARES is not an exclusive club, and our meetings are open to all.  Just let us know you are coming, so that we can notify our gracious host (SIA) of your arrival.  For more information about our ARES meetings, and the guest registration form, select "Meetings" from the "Events" menu, or visit: www.W9TCA.com/meetings

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New 2M Repeater On The Air: 145.370- MHz, 88.5 PL

The long-awaited 2M repeater at Rossville is finally on the air! Some 4 years in the works, the 3rd WIRES repeater is now active on 145.370 MHz (-600 kHz offset) with a CTCSS tone of 88.5 Hz.

Some fun facts about this repeater:
  • Antenna height is 460' AGL (36' higher than the 443.500 repeater antenna)
  • Feedline is about 500' of 1-5/8" hardline shared with UHF system
  • Xmitter has 25W out into duplexer, with 16W going into the feedline
  • Xmit power amp is not installed yet, but is 25W in 100W out
  • Repeater is a Kenwood TKR-751
  • Receiver sensitivity has been measured at -119.2 dBm for 12dB SINAD
  • No desense of the repeater receiver by the transmitter at 25W

Please feel free to make use of this new repeater, and we welcome user reports of how it is performing. We will be doing some extensive testing over the next few weeks, eventually putting the power amplifier inline and possibly adding a receiver preamp. As we move forward in the coming months and years, features and capabilities will continue to be added to the WI9RES systems.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Steve Van Frank, W9TN, and Bruce Stewart, N9GKE, for getting this complex project to its current state. Thanks, also, to the large number of others who have contributed time, effort, and donations to WIRES. Without all of you, none of this would be possible.
Your Safety, Storm Spotting Policy, and Situational Awareness

Your Safety, Storm Spotting Policy, and Situational Awareness

Accurate and timely spotter reports are critical to our local community and to the National Weather Service.  However, your first priority as a storm spotter is to STAY SAFE!  Severe storms present a number of hazards, any of which could lead to injury or death if you’re not extremely careful.  A spotter safety page is in the "Weather" section of this web site.  It also contains the TCARES storm spotting policy: www.w9tca.com/spotter-safety 

Another feature, the "SKYWARN Spotter Situational Awareness Portal", is designed to offer quick and convenient access to NWS resources that many of us check on a daily basis.  While not suitable for local threat assessment, the links to the SPC products give SKYWARN spotters an idea of the potential for severe weather at the national and regional levels in the next day or two.  The "Weather Data" page is in the "Weather" section, and can be accessed directly at:  www.w9tca.com/weather-data

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Thursday, MAY 1
7:00 p.m.
SIA Training Center
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