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Upcoming ARES Nets

Warning Siren Test Net
Saturday, FEB 6
10:45 EST
WI9RES 147.135 Repeater

Weekly ARES Net
Monday, FEB 8
20:00 EST

WI9RES 145.370 Repeater

Weekly ARES Net
Monday, FEB 15
20:00 EST
WI9RES 145.370 Repeater


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New Members

Be sure to welcome our newest ARES members!

AC9MF, Marty
W9YBZ, Yuhui ("Z")
KD9EIV, Ronald
W9SXJ, Steve
KD9DVB, Charles
KD9EEJ, Andrew
N9NWT, Nathan

Curious about ARES Meetings?

ARES is not an exclusive club, and our meetings are open to all.  Just let us know you are coming, so that we can notify our gracious host (SIA) of your arrival.  For more information about our ARES meetings, and the guest registration form, select "Meetings" from the "Events" menu, or visit: www.W9TCA.com/meetings

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If you are a licensed amateur radio operator and live or work in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, we would love to hear from you!  If you are interested in joining ARES, please visit this web page.

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Warning Siren Test Net - Saturday at 10:45 a.m.

TEMA has asked that amateur radio operators focus on reporting these sirens:

Callsign   Siren #   Name   Location
K9ICQ   02-01    Stonehenge subdivision    4501 N 375 W, W Laf

  02-02   Mount Zion Church   2223 W 500 N, W Laf

  02-03   Hadley Moors subdivision   CR 140 W, W Laf

  03-01   CR 75 E & CR 500 N   W Laf

  03-05   Old Battle Ground High School   511 Main St., B Gnd

  03-06   Battle Ground Town Hall   100 College St., B Gnd

  05-01    Montmorenci Cemetery   650 W & Jackson Hwy

  06-03   Cumberland School Ball Field   Wolever Dr., W Laf
KD9EZZ   06-05   W Laf Senior High School   300 W Leslie Ave, WL
KD9DDD   06-07   Wabash Fire Station #2   51 S Newman Rd, WL
KC9ZNL   06-08   Par View   3121 SR 26 W, W Laf
AC9MF   07-02   Ball St., near Linnwood Elem   1400 Ball St., Laf
KC9YMC   07-09   200 N & Funnycide Ln.   3807 E 200 N, Laf

  07-13   Bluffs Apartments   305 Montefiore St., Laf
    07-19   Lift Station on CR 50 S   5751 E 50 S, Laf

  10-05   Southwestern Middle School   2100 W 800 S, Laf

  11-07   4400 Concord Rd near 450 S   4400 Concord Rd., Laf
WR9A   12-02    Wainwright Middle School   7501 E 700 S, Laf

  12-03   MacAllister Machinery   500 Hine Dr., Dayton

  13-01   SR 25 S at Odell   9277 SR 25 S, Odell

A callsign in the first column indicates the person planning to report that particular siren.  If you would like to volunteer to cover one of these sirens for this Saturday's test, CLICK HERE to fill out the assignment request form.

The complete list of warning sirens in Tippecanoe county can be found here.  While the ones listed above are assigned to amateur radio, status reports of any and all sirens are encouraged and will be collected during the siren test net, which starts at 10:45 a.m. Saturday on the WI9RES 147.135 repeater.

Winlink RMS Packet Gateway Operational in Lafayette

A Winlink Packet RMS (Radio Message Server) gateway station is now on the air in Lafayette. Winlink users can connect to K9IN-10 using the RMS Express client on 145.050 MHz in packet mode (1200 baud). Redundant connections to CMS sites are provided.

You must be a registered Winlink user to access and use the system. Please visit www.winlink.org for more information. Winlink training on setup and use will be provided at upcoming ARES meetings.

W9TCA Packet BBS & Node Out of Service Temporarily

The W9TCA-1 BBS and TCARES packet node on 145.050 MHz are off the air until further notice. The Rossville site has an apparent antenna or feedline issue which will eventually be addressed.

This issue only affects the 2M/440 packet system. The Rossville 2M and 440 voice repeaters, and the 222 MHz packet backbone node, are fully operational. We will post more information as it becomes available.
New ARES Manual from ARRL

New ARES Manual from ARRL

The ARRL has released a new and updated ARES Manual. The ARES Manual and NTS Manual have together long been part of a single publication, The Public Service Communications Manual. The two manuals will now be separate publications. NTS leadership is currently reviewing and preparing to update the NTS Manual.

The new ARES Manual includes several new additions - inclusion of ICS forms 213, 205, and 214 for ARES use; an expanded discussion on training resources; clarification on the role and purpose of RACES; and copies of all current ARRL MOUs. The update is the first in over two decades and was a collaborative effort of field organization leaders, federal partners, and ARRL staff. The new manual is available online as a downloadable PDF on the Additional Training Resources page in the Training section.


Updated Frequency Lists

A couple of our reference documents have been recently updated to reflect PL tone changes to several repeaters. In addition to changes to the local WI9RES and W9YB repeaters, several Kokomo repeaters also now have new access tones. New repeaters are now on the air in Clinton and Howard counties.

The updated frequency lists can be found in the On-Air section of this web site on the TCARES Net Info page, or can be accessed directly here:

  List of Local Repeaters  [14 MAR 2015]
TCARES Designated Frequencies  [21 DEC 2014]

Next ARES Meeting

Next ARES Meeting
Thursday, FEB 4
19:00 EST
SIA Training Center
Click here for directions
by Bobby, KP4CI
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